Apostille Services

Apostille Services

Are you looking to legalize your document so that you can use them in some other country?

NJ Apostille services


Do not know how the procedure of Apostille works?

If the answers to any of this question are yes, give us a call today as we offer you mobile Apostille services.

You do not have to opt for any complex procedure.

All you need to do is give us a call and we would come to your home or office or perhaps your local coffee shop and offer you Apostille services.

You do not have to update yourself with any complex legal procedures.

We have a vast variety of experience in providing mobile Apostille services for a wide variety of documents at Burlington County New Jersey mobile notary services.

Why should you hire us at Burlington County New Jersey Mobile Notary Services?

Whether it is your birth certificate or whether it is some other document, we provide Apostille services for a wide variety of documents.

This ensures that you would just have to call us and we would be able to provide you the service for a variety of documents.

The procedure of Apostille for any document would just be taking a few minutes.

This ensures that whenever you’re calling us, the procedure would be completed very quickly.

This would save you an immense amount of time since you do not have to visit our office in order to get this procedure done.

Mobile Apostille Services:

You need not come to our office in order to opt for the Apostille documents. We would come at your doorstep and we would complete the procedure for you.

Affordable cost:

We provide you the most affordable mobile Apostille service.

This ensures that even if you want to opt for an Apostille service for a handful of documents and also it would be highly affordable for you.

If you want the service for a large number of documents, you would be entitled to a bulk discount as well, which would save you a significant amount of money.

This not only makes it affordable for you but also quicker.

Providing services for a wide variety of documents:

Whether you’re looking for Apostille services for academic documents or adoption documents or affidavits or power of attorney or any other kind of documents, we would be able to get it done all for you.

That is why just by giving us a call you would be able to get the Apostille services for a wide variety of documents.

So, if you need mobile Apostille for any documents in New Jersey or nationwide, do give us a call 609-531-3609 or email us here at Burlington County New Jersey mobile notary services.

        Our Service Apostilles the following documents:   

Academic Transcripts

Adoption Documents

Baptism and Confirmation Certificates

Bills of Sale

Certificate of Origin

Certificates of Incorporation

Certificates of Good Standing

Court Judgments

Deeds and Titles


Identity Documents

Letters of Invitation

Naturalization Documents


Power of Attorney

Trademarks and Patents

Vital Records

Divorce and Marriage Cert.

Paternity Certificates

Death Certificates

Wills and much more… 

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